Volume 11, Number 1

Technopreneurship Mobile Application (TMA): A Support Mechanism
for Flexible Learning Delivery System


Maricris M. Usita and Ronnie Del Rosario, Occidental Mindoro State College, Philippines


Mobile phones are essential in our daily lives because of their benefits in communication, entertainment, and education. Students use their mobile phones in teaching-learning engagement, both synchronous and asynchronous. The study focused on developing and validating Technopreneurship Mobile Application (TMA) in its functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, and User interface/user experience. The study engaged with developmental research using the mobile app development cycle, including requirement specification, development modeling, design and development, testing, and deployment. Online data gathering and analysis were used for mobile application validation, evaluation performance, and mobile deployment. A total of 95 information technology students evaluated the application. The results showed that the application is functional, reliable, usable, efficient, and the user interface is helpful. The overall results obtained a 4.20 with an excellent evaluation that shows that developing a mobile application can be a great tool in the flexible learning delivery for students due to its accessibility and usefulness.


Flexible Learning, Mobile Application, Support Mechanism, Technopreneurship, User Interface.