Volume 11, Number 2

Breakout with Zoom: Mixed-methods Research Examining Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions
of Breakout Room Interactions


Tim Buttler and Jacob Scheurer, Burman University, Canada


Challenges to teacher education due to COVID-19 are widespread. Preservice teachers, in particular, have faced numerous obstacles as a result. While remote teaching became common in higher education, home-based videoconferencing became a standard means of teaching and learning. Regardless of COVID19, virtual technologies use increases within post-secondary education, progressively impacting educational experiences. Therefore, educators must consider the benefits and drawbacks of virtual online education. From a constructivist perspective, we studied preservice teachers’ interactions and perceptions of Zoom’s videoconferencing platform. Specifically, we identified preservice teachers’ interactions and responses to Zoom’s Breakout Rooms. The findings indicate that students built relationships and valued their online interactions. Additionally, males and females valued different aspects of their online interactions.We conclude with recommendations regarding videoconferences in higher education and suggest future research, including empirical studies.


Videoconferencing, Online teaching and learning, Zoom, Teacher education, Gender differences.