Volume 11, Number 2

Learner Centered Network Models: A Survey


Victor Obionwu, Andreas Nurnberger, Anja Hawlitschek, Gunter Saake, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany


The possibility of modeling and abstracting interaction has been the key driver in social network-based research as it facilitates, among other things, the generation of recommendations which is vital for most businesses. Being ubiquitous, learning activities also facilitate the formation of these networks. Thus, to gain insights into the evolution of activities and interactions that occur during learning events, it is important to understand these networks and their respective models. In this article, we present a survey of the representative methods employed in modeling various interactions observed in learner-centered networks. Finally, we comparatively analyze the respective models and identify which models perform better in respective cases.


Team Collaboration, Social network models, Interaction models.