Volume 11, Number 2

Knowledge and Perceptions of Students Regarding their Teachers’ ICT Integration
in Secondary Schools in Benin


Raphael R. KELANI, Teacher Trqining School of Natitingou, UNSTIM, Bénin


Because of the importance of ICT in people’s everyday lives, teachers worldwide are encouraged to find innovative and creative ways to incorporate these tools into classroom learning. As such, the goal of this study is dual : to investigate students’ knowledge of ICT and its integration in secondary schools settings on the one hand and to explore their perceptions of their teachers’ ICT integration in the classroom and its advantages on the other. Quantitative research approach implying a self-designed questionnaire was used for data collection. A total of 132 student-teachers from first year at the Teacher Training School of Natitingou were used as participants. The results showed that these participants : (1) have a good knowledge of the concept of ICT, its tools and its significances; (2) perceive what teachers do when integrating ICT in the classroom ; and (3) acknowledge the multiple advantages of ICT integration in the classroom.


Benin, Knowledge, Perceptions, ICT integration, Secondary schools education.