Volume 11, Number 3

Open Educational Resources for Online Language Teacher Training: Conceptual Framework
and Practical Implementation


Francesca Nicora, Oriana Bologna, Laura McLoughlin, University of Galway, Ireland


This paper discusses a conceptual framework for the design of Open Educational Resources (OERs) for online language teacher training including an example of practical implementation. The authors identify in the principles of micro- and macro- learning, cognitive load theory and Threshold Concepts (TCs), the key elements that lead to the creation of effective OERs designed for the Lilac Project which aims to support language teachers in managing online learning environments. Data from questionnaires and focus groups were utilised to establish a set of TCs connected to online language teaching. These were then crossreferenced with existing TCs, and utilised to create micro learning content that does not negatively impact the cognitive load, but, at the same time, is positioned within a larger macro structure that allows for the development of deeper knowledge and competences. The structure of Lilac OERs will be presented as a practical example of how the potential of technologies to support learning can be embedded in online contexts.


Open Educational Resources, Language Teachers’ Online Education, Threshold Concepts, Learning and Cognitive Theories & Micro learning.