Volume 11, Number 3

Creating Computer Confidence : An Investigation into Current Privacy
and Security Concerns of the Senior Demographic


Caroline Hillier, University of Guelph, Canada


The senior demographic has been neglected as technology rapidly develops. The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated technological integration into daily activities. Because of this rapid change there is a pertinent need to ensure that elders have the necessary technological literacy. Previous research showed that elders are not shying away from Internet use but are lacking in willingness to adapt to new methods. This research aims to identify the current knowledge gaps of the senior demographic and propose solutions to those problem areas. This project utilizes a survey to get direct feedback from the target demographic. The results identified specific knowledge gaps, which can be generalized to a lack of awareness of available resources. These observations were used to formulate a list of tools and resources that elders can take advantage of to become more confident on the Internet, and ultimately have the best experience.


Security management, Technology education, Senior demographic, Internet Safety, COVID-19.