Volume 11, Number 4

Teaching Strategies based on Generational Teacher Cohorts


Jessica Ramírez, Ginia Montes de Oca and Carmen Caraballo, Dominican Institute for Educational Quality Evaluation and Research, IDEICE, Dominican Republic


In this study we investigate the teaching strategies used in secondary schools in the Dominican Republic and investigate the preferences each teacher generational cohort have in choosing a particular teaching strategy. We divided the data into 4 generations: baby boomers, generation x, millennials and iGeneration. We also present results based on gender, types of schools and location. Results shows that in the context of the Dominican Republic, there was not a significant difference among the generations. Baby boomers uses more teaching strategies that other generations, especially the traditional ones like questionnaires, debate, and so on.


Generational cohorts, Education, Teaching, Secondary school, Dominican Republic, & Learning.