Volume 9, Number 4

An Exploration of the Relationship between Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Teachers
and Computer Assisted Language Learning (Call)


Louise Hanna, David Barr, Helen Hou and Shauna McGill, Ulster University, UK


A study was carried out with 33 teachers of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) to obtain information on the interaction of classroom professionals with Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and digital technologies in Second Language (L2) education. MFL teachers were recruited through Facebook groups in the UK. Research subjects were asked to fill out a questionnaire with CALL-specific statements. Significantly, participants recognised a gap in practice versus the expectation of CALL in the MFL classroom. Overall, participants were shown to be interested adopted and daily users of CALL who appreciated its ease and importance for teaching and learning in L2 pedagogy.


Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), teacher attitudes, digital technologies, Second Language (L2) pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), online learning, teacher perceptions, English as a Foreign Language (EFL).