Volume 10, Number 6

The Current Trends of Augmented Reality in Early Childhood Education


Masyarah Zulhaida Masmuzidin and Nor Azah Abdul Aziz, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia


Augmented Reality has been widely used in various level of education such as higher-level education, secondary education (lower/upper secondary level), primary education, and in informal learning. However, the implementation in early childhood education is still limited. By using library research methodology, the objective of this paper is to investigate the existing work of augmented reality in early childhood education between 2009-2018. Based on the results, it shows that the publication of augmented reality in early childhood education increased slowly within these past ten years. It has been found that the main advantage of augmented reality is to enhance motivation. Early literacy has been found to be the most used topic with sampling less than 30 children. Finally, ‘Marker-based’ augmented reality has been widely used with mobile devices and in term of data collection methods, ‘Test’ has been used the most in this field of research.


Augmented Reality, Child Computer Interaction, Early Childhood Education, Preschool