Volume 10, Number 6

A Guideline for an Effective User Interface for Educational Semantic Application


Tinashini Jayadevan Naidu and Aslina Saad, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia


This research aims to produce a guideline for an effective user interface for semantic application particularly educational. In order to develop the guideline, a methodology of four phases; analysis, design, development and evaluation has been applied. Qualitative approach was used by using checklist instrument and interview questions with the experts in system design. A prototype was then developed using the proposed guideline. The prototype was evaluated using qualitative approach based on heuristic evaluation instrument involving a sample of ten teachers of secondary level. The user acceptance for this system was compared to the one which has been developed without the guideline. The result shows that the system developed by the proposed guideline has higher acceptance. Seven of ten teachers agreed that the most important principle in user interface design is effectiveness specifically the simplicity, aesthetic and minimalist design. It is useful to develop an effective user interface using this guideline.


Interface, Education, Semantic application, User interface guideline, Educational Semantic Web