Volume 10, Number 6

Creativity of Student As A Game Designer: an Exploratory Study


Azimah Khairulamin and Laili Farhana Md Ibharim, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia


Technological acceleration and educational gameplay response among community educators, students and communities today are seen to nurture creativity in line with 21st century educational needs. Thus, the purpose of this study is to analyse the element of creativity of the students who act a sa designer in the process of board game design. This study focuses on four aspects of creativity namely originality, flexibility, fluency and elaboration. The research design is quantitative using observation method to obtain a thorough findings. The data were collected through a checklist involving 32 secondary school students in Kinta district. The findings of this study show that students are able to produce games based on their own creativity that possesses elements of originality, flexibility, fluency and elaboration. As a conclusion, this research shows that students are not only playing, but they are also able to generate an open mind while playing games.


Creativity, Student as a game designer, Board Game