Volume 10, Number 6

The Effectiveness of Digital Storytelling on Language Listening Comprehension of Kindergarten Pupils


Amor F. Loniza1, Aslina Saad2, Mazlina Che Mustafa2
1Philippine Normal University South Luzon, Philippines and 2Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris , Perak


This study investigated the effectiveness of Digital Storytelling on the language listening comprehension of the pupils. The researchers used quantitative research design with mixed data collection. To evaluate the effectiveness of the KiDS material, a Quasi-experimental with pre and posttest was utilized. Findings revealed that the experimental group attained a very high score on their language listening comprehension test after the implementation of the material that shows a significant difference between the control and experimental group. To conclude, digital storytelling is one of the essential tools in teaching language listening comprehension. With suitable elements and appropriate storyboard it can help motivate the pupils and improve listening skill. Therefore, the use of KiDS material is recommended to make the teaching of language more effective.


Kindergarten Digital Storytelling, Story Telling, Kindergarten Learners, Language Listening Comprehension, Technical Standards