Volume 10, Number 6

The Development of A Digital Storybook and an Augmented Reality(AR)-Based Proverbs Application


Jamilah Hamid1, Nor Hasbiah Ubaidullah1, Ahmad Yasir Bahador2,
1Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia and 2Sekolah Menengah Methodist, Malaysia


Learning Malay proverbs is very important to sustain the rich heritage of the Malay civilization among young generations.However, pilot study and literature review show that students face problems in understanding proverbs when learning using conventional method. Thus, this paper discusses the development of a digital storybook to help the learning of selected Malays proverbs under the unity theme using Augmented Reality (AR)technology. The application development was divided into two parts; development of the AR-based proverbs application and the development of a digital story. For the first part, the application was developed based on the combination of waterfallmethodology,learning theory principles andAR application development guidelines. For the second part, the development isrelied on the digital story development guidelines. This application development can serve as important guidelines for the developers to develop suitable applications using AR technology to help students learn a range of important learning concepts.


Augmented reality, digital storybook, learning theory, Malay proverbs, mobile application.