Volume 10, Number 6

Acceptance and Readiness of Mobile Learning Integration Among Teachers
of Dyslexic Students: A Preliminary Study


Nor Zuhaidah Mohamed Zain1 and Murni Mahmud2
1FSKIK, UPSI and 2Kuliyyah of Information and Communication Technology, IIUM


Mobile technology enables the creation of mobile applications to assist learning. However, integrating the most appropriate mobile applications as an assistive technology for dyslexic students is challenging for teachers if they are unprepared with sufficient knowledge. This preliminary study aimed to understand the acceptance and readiness of mobile learning integration among teachers of dyslexic students. The study was a qualitative study, which involved one selected mobile application to be evaluated by four selected teachers. Teachers had been interviewed. Interestingly, the teachers showed positive attitude in acceptance and readiness of using mobile application in class, with condition it suits dyslexic students learning needs. They believe using appropriate mobile application can support learning. Following this study, more studies will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of abundant implementation towards mobile learning by teachers of dyslexic learning.


Mobile Learning, Mobile Application, Learning Disabilities, Assistive Technology, Dyslexic Students