Volume 10, Number 6

Removing Rain Streaks From Single Images Using Total Variation


Samer Mahmoud Shorman1 and Sakinah Ali Pitchay2, 1Applied Science University (ASU), Bahrain and 2UniversitiSainsIslam Malaysia (USIM), Malaysia


Rainy image restoration is considered asone of the most important image restorations aspects to improve the outdoor vision. Many fields have used this kind of restorations such as driving assistant, environment monitoring, animals monitoring, computer vision, face recognition, object recognition and personal photos. Image restoration simply means how to remove the noise from the images. Most of the images have some noises from the environment. Moreover, image quality assessment plays an important role in the valuation of image enhancement algorithms. In this research, we will use a total variation to remove rain streaks from a single image. It shows a good performance compared to other methods, using some measurements MSE, PSNR, and VIF for an image with references and BRISQUE for an image without references.


rainy image, image restoration, removing rain streaks, single image.