Volume 11, Number 1

Design Tactile Interfaces with Vibration Patterns in HTML5 for Smartphone Users with Visual Impairments


George Kokkonis1, Vasileios Moysiadis2, Theofano Kollatou3 and Sotirios Kontogiannis4, 1Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences,Greece, 2University of Western Macedonia, Greece 3Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, Greece, 4University of Ioannina, Greece


This paper describes the procedure for creating tactile interfaces for Android smart phones. It uses the HTML5 Vibration API and the Javascript programming language to create vibration patterns in order to increase the interaction between visually impaired people with their smart phones. Apart from vision, audio and haptics are used to maximize the Human – Computer Interaction between the Android phones and users with visual impairments. Three methods are proposed for the creation of tactile interfaces in smart phones, one is with the use of the HTML image map tag, and the other with the Mask R-CNN Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The Mean Opinion Score procedure is used in order to evaluate the proposed vibration patterns for Human - Computer Interaction Techniques.


Tactile interfaces, Haptics, Vibration patterns, HTML5, Vibration API, Mask R-CNN.