Volume 11, Number 3

Quaternion Security Using Modifying Vernam Cipher With ─░mage Steganography


Huda H.Al.ghuraify, Ali A.Al-bakry and Ahmad T. Al-jayashi, Al-Furat Al-Awsat University, Iraq


The Internet is the essential wellspring of data in the present life where it offers the trade of data to the clients.The exchange of such data prompts an incredible security danger. Cryptography and steganography are two issues in security systems.Cryptography jumbles the message to be incomprehensible While Steganography shroud the message To be invisible. Therefore, Encryption any private data before concealing in the cover object will provide twofold security. This paper presents a technique for disguise message with four levels of security where the message first encrypt using modifying vernam cipher, in which the initial key originate automatically from random pixel of camouflage cover and alter continuously along message length then embedded cipher message in grayscale cover image, after that encrypt this cover using modifying vernam cipher also then embedded it in RGB color cover image. The simulation consequence illustrates that the scheme provides better protection.


Image steganography , modifying vernam cipher , message security, dual cryptography , spatial domain