Volume 11, Number 3

Brain Computer Interface for Biometric Authentication by Recording Signa


Abd Abrahim Mosslah1, Reyadh Hazim Mahdi2 and Shokhan M. Al-Barzinji3, 1University of Anbar, Iraq, 2University of Mustansiriyah, Iraq and 3University of Anbar, Iraq


Electroencephalogram(eeg) is done in several ways, which are referred to as brainwaves, which scientists interpret as an electromagnetic phenomenon that reflects the activity in the human brain, this study is used to diagnose brain diseases such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, parkinson's, alzheimer's, etc. It is also used in brain machine interfaces and in brain computers. In these applications wireless recording is necessary for these waves. What we need today is authentication? Authentication is obtained from several techniques, in this paper we will check the efficiency of these techniques such as password and pin. There are also biometrics techniques used to obtain authentication such as heart rate, fingerprint, eye mesh and sound, these techniques give acceptable authentication. If we want to get a technology that gives us integrated and efficient authentication, we use brain wave recording. The aim of the technique in our proposed paper is to improve the efficiency of the reception of radio waves in the brain and to provide authentication.


Related work, EEG brain signal, Brain wave, Overall projcet outline, System requirements