Volume 13, Number 4

Developing an Interactive Storybook Application ‘Jack and the Dirty Smelly Beast’
for English Language Proficiency among Children


Indah Fakhrani Arpin and Maizatul Hayati Mohamad Yatim, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia


The high percentage of students who are still struggling with the English language is worrisome, even though there are many well-planned strategies and education policies that are developed to resolve this problem. It is a universal belief that learning a foreign language at a young age through reading plays an important role. Accordingly, the aim of this research is to design, develop and evaluate an interactive storybook application combined with suitable multimedia elements and features to encourage children to read. The interactive storybook entitled 'Jack and the Dirty Smelly Beast' was developed using Instructional System Design (ISD) and Rapid Prototyping model. An experimental study was conducted with 17 respondents between the ages of 6 – 8 years to test the effects of the multimedia elements and features in improving children’s learning. Their responses were recorded and analysed using descriptive analysis. The findings showed that respondents agreed that learning experience improved significantly and attracted children to read when using this application. In conclusion, by using correct multimedia elements and suitable features in the interactive storybook application, it is envisaged that the children’s comprehension in learning a foreign language can be expanded. This research foresees there is enormous opportunity for literacy development in foreign language learning in the early ages through the creation of an interactive storybook application with suitable multimedia elements and features for children.


Instructional System Design (ISD), English language proficiency, Rapid Prototyping model.