Volume 13, Number 4

Audio Cryptography via Enhanced Genetic Algorithm


Salamudeen Alhassan1, Gabriel Kofi Armah1 and Issah Zabsonre Alhassan2, 1C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ghana, 2Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana


As communication technologies surged recently, the secrecy of shared information between communication parts has gained tremendous attention. Many Cryptographic techniques have been proposed/implemented to secure multimedia data and to allay public fears during communication. This paper expands the scope of audio data security via an enhanced genetic algorithm. Here, each individual (audio sample) is genetically engineered to produce new individuals. The enciphering process of the proposed technology acquires, conditions, and transforms each audio sample into bit strings. Bits fission, switching, mutation, fusion, and deconditioning operations are then applied to yield cipher audio signals. The original audio sample is recovered at the receiver's end through a deciphering process without the loss of any inherent message. The novelty of the proposed technique resides in the integration of fission and fusion into the traditional genetic algorithm operators and the use of a single (rather than two) individual(s) for reproduction. The effectiveness of the proposed cryptosystem is demonstrated through simulations and performance analyses.


Cryptography, Bit fission, Fusion, Genetic algorithm, Cipher audio.