Volume 13, Number 6

Mobile Augmented Reality Application for Primary School Education


Normala Rahim, Wan Rizhan, Maizan Mat Amin, Wan Malini Wan Isa, Ismahafezi Ismail, Nur SaadahMohd Shapri, Rafhanah Ramlan, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia


Mobile-based Augmented Reality (AR) has grown rapidly in various sectors including an education field. This technology has supported in facilitating users to perform daily tasks such as tools in teaching and learning. However, in teaching and learning activities still practise a traditional method by using books that have caused students feel bored and cannot focus in the activities. Therefore, with the advent of ‘BelajarBacaanSolat’ using Augmented Reality (AR-BBS) application these students can utilize this to improve students' level of understanding as well as attract them to stay focus in the learning. The objective of this project was to help the primary school students to study an Islamic subject namely Kelas al-Quran dan Fardu Ain (KAFA). In addition, this project can also benefit to KAFA teachers in teaching student more effectively. This research focus on the topic of “BacaanSolat” in prayer. The framework proposed in this research contains three items including entity, platform and content. In conclusion, this project can help student especially KAFA student learn more efficiently. It is believed that this application can help the students to improve their skills and attract to learn KAFA effectively.


Augmented Reality, Mobile Application, Primary school education.