Volume 14, Number 2

The Development of a Blended Learning Management Model with Synectics Teaching and out-of-the-box Thinking Techniques to Foster Creativity


Senawee Roekmongkol and Thanatcha Rattanaphant, Faculty of Education Rajabhat Nakhon Si Thammarat University, Thailand


The objectives of this research are: 1 ) to develop and determine the quality of a blended learning management model using synectics teaching and out-of-the-box thinking techniques; 2 ) to compare creativity thinking score after receiving the blended learning management by teaching synectics and outof-the-box thinking techniques to foster creativity and 3) to study the satisfaction of students learning with the blended learning management model. The sample group used in this research was the 1 st year Bachelor of Education students, Faculty of Education, Rajabhat Nakhon Si Thammarat University including 60 students enrolled in the course of innovation and information technology for communication and learning in semester 2, academic year 2020. They were divided into experimental groups and control groups. The research tools included web-based lessons, lesson plans and satisfaction assessments including mean, S.D. and hypothesis testing with independent t-test. The results showed that:1) the results of the development and quality assessment of the blended learning model by using synectic teaching and out-of-the-box thinking techniques to promote creativity were at a very good level; 2) comparison of creativity scores of the experimental group students after receiving the learning management with the developed instructional model were higher than the control group, indicating that the mean scores have statistically significantly different at . 05 and 3) the overall student satisfaction assessment in all aspects was high level. It was concluded that the research results were in accordance with the hypothesis testing.


Blended Learning Management, Creativity, Synectics Teaching, Out-of-the-box Thinking.