Volume 14, Number 3

A Conceptual Frame Work Supporting Obesity Awareness in Serious Game


Noor Izdhora Mohd Bazid, Suzana Ahmad and Norizan Mat Diah, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia


There is an increasing number of Malaysians being overweight and obese over the years. Lack of health awareness on obesity issue primely, leads to the high number of people being unhealthy and obese. Hence, the need to raise health awareness on obesity. Conventionally, there are various programmes to create obesity awareness by various organizations. Since technology applications have been common among the people nowadays, implementation of serious game in supporting obesity awareness will be able to attract users to play the game whilst gain knowledge and lead to behaviour change. This paper aimed to develop a proposed conceptual framework in serious game that intends to raise health awareness on obesity. Previous research suggested only a few methodologies, frameworks and models have been proposed to guide the serious game design and development. In this study, the conceptual framework proposed is based on Information-Motivation-Behavioural (IMB) model that serve health promotion and influence change of behaviour. The development of this conceptual framework includes the implementation of game components suitable in creating obesity awareness game and could impact the players’ cognitive and behaviour change.


Obesity, Health Awareness, Serious Game, Motivation, Cognitive, Behaviour Change.