Volume 12, Number 1

Assessing the Adoption of E-government Using Tam Model: Case of Egypt


Sara ELKheshin1 and Noha Saleeb2, 1Arab Academy for Science, Egypt and 2Middlesex University, UK


Electronic government (e-government) was known as an efficient method for government expertness and proficiency as a vital facilitator for citizen-oriented services. Since their initiation over a decade ago, Egovernment services are recognised as a vehicle for accessing online public services. Both governments and academic researchers understand the difficulty of low-level adoption of e-government services among citizens; a common problem between both developing and developed countries. This paper investigates determinants and factors necessary to enhance adoption of citizens for e-government services in developing countries, with particular focus on Egypt, by extending the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) using a set of political, social, and design constructs that were developed from different sources of research literature.


E-government, Adoption, Technology acceptance model, Adoption models