Volume 12, Number 2

The Demand Side of Open Government Data: A Case Study of Kingdom of Bahrain


Abdulkarim Katbi1, Jaflah AlAmmari2, Ali AlSoufi3, 1King Hamad University Hospital, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain and 3British University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain


Governments around the world have realized the importance of Open Government Data - OGD as new paradigm shift in government that focuses on making governments more service oriented, transparent and competent. However, as with many countries, the situation of OGD initiative in Kingdom of Bahrain is not promising as reflected by number of assessments that measure the implementation and progress of OGD worldwide. The current research aims at investing the local situation regarding consuming and reusing OGD in Kingdom of Bahrain. Specifically, this research assesses the level of citizen awareness towards OGD, determines citizens’ requirements of OGD and identifies the key challenges and obstacles in using/reusing OGD. A questionnaire was developed to investigate the demand side of OGD. The findings show that serious and responsible efforts from the publishers of OGD, namely: Government Organizations are believed to be a necessity in order to progress the implementation process of OGD initiative in Kingdom of Bahrain.


Open Government Data, electronic government, supply, demand, digital society, Kingdom of Bahrain