Volume 12, Number 3

Developing Enterprise Cyber Situational Awareness


Christopher L. Gorham, Capitol Technology University, USA


This paper will examine why its become important for organizations to develop an comprehensive Information Technology (IT) Modernization strategy that focuses on improving their business process and protecting their network infrastructure by leveraging modern-day cybersecurity tools. Most of the topic will focus on the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DOD) strategy towards improving their network security defenses for the department and the steps they’ve taken at the agency level where components under DOD such as DISA (The Defense Information Systems Agency) are working towards adding tools that provides additional capabilities in the cyber space. This approach will be analyzed to determine if DOD goals address any of their vulnerabilities towards protecting their networks. One of the agencies under the DOD umbrella called DISA (The Defense Information Systems Agency) provides DOD a template on how to build a network that relies upon layers of security to help it combat cyber attacks against its network. Whether that provides an effective solution to DOD remains a question due to the many components that operate under its direction. Managing these networks is the principle responsibilities for the Department of Defense. Nevertheless, it does demonstrates that there are tools available to help DOD build an strong enterprise cyber network of situational awareness that strengthens the ability to protect their network infrastructure.


cyber security, cloud, network infrastructure