Volume 12, Number 3

Analyzing the Opportunities of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh to Provide an Efficient Interrelation between Business Organization and Consumer


Farjana Akter, Zayed- Us- Salehin, Abul Kalam Azad and Sultana Jahan Soheli, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh


The idea of marketing recently converging to Digital marketing and digital marketing is becoming the most effective means for building business-customer relationships with long-term loyalty. It is a matter of concern that how this convergence is taking place in developing countries like Bangladesh. In this paper, the impact of digital marketing on the customer engagement with products and brands is investigated using descriptive research method and is based on survey. This study attempts to find the most effective form of digital marketing in Bangladesh by taking responses using questionnaires from sample, which has been used as the primary data. This study aims to discover the factors that work background to make the customers loyal to the brand and to have a positive attitude toward brand. It also illustrates about the differences of traditional marketing and digital marketing and the changes brought by digital marketing in brands relationship marketing. Analysis of survey output shows that there is an overall positive influence of internet advertising on consumer purchase decision. It is recommended that companies should conduct a market research on different markets in various countries to identify more specific market related and regional factors.


Digital Marketing, Customer Behaviour, Brand, Business- customer Relationship