Volume 12, Number 4

Mediating and Moderating Factors Affecting Readiness to IoT Applications: The Banking Sector Context


RashaAbd El-Aziz, Sarah El-Gamal and Miran Ismail, Arab Academy for Science, Egypt


Although IOT seems to be the upcoming trend, it is still in its infancy; especially in the banking industry. There is a clear gap in literature, as only few studies identify factors affecting readiness to IOT applications in banks in general, and almost negligible investigations on mediating and moderating factors. Accordingly, this research aims to investigate the main factors that affect employees’ readiness to IOT applications, while highlighting the mediating and moderating factors in the Egyptian banking sector. The importance of Egypt stems from its high population and steady steps taken towards technology adoption. 479 valid questionnaires were distributed over HR employees in banks. Data collected was statistically analysed using Regression and SEM. Results showed a significant impact of ‘Security’, ‘Networking’, ‘Software Development’ and ‘Regulations’ on ‘readiness to IOT applications. Thus, the readiness acceptance level is high‘Security’ and ‘User Intention’ were proven to mediate the relationship between research variables and readiness to IOT applications, and only a partial moderation role was proven for ‘Efficiency’. The study contributes to increasing literature on IOT applications in general, and fills a gap on the Egyptian banking context in particular. Finally, it provides decision makers at banks with useful guidelines on how to optimally promote IOT applications among employees.


IOT applications, Readiness, IOT challenges, Banking sector, HRM practices, Structural Equation Modelling