Volume 13, Number 1

A Management Approach of an E-Tutoring Program for High School Students


Spyridon Doukakis, Ionian University, Greece


The inclusion of e-tutoring programs to support secondary school students is an international practice that is reinforced by both the education policies of the Ministries of Education and the potential of technology. The operation and management of the relevant programs is a challenging process, as the goal is to effectively support students and improve their learning. In the present work, the management approach of an e-tutoring program that operates from the school year 2012-2013 is presented. The approach includes a) the presentation of the processes through which the e-tutoring program is carried out, b) the information systems for monitoring the progress of its operation, such as students’ participation, the duration of their participation, their learning needs, the correlation with their performance and c) the etutors’ training procedures. In addition, practices are emerging that offer a comprehensive monitoring framework, which favors the proper functioning and further development, as well as the increasing participation of students.


e-tutoring, management, information system, secondary education