Volume 13, Number 1

The Impact of Information Technology on Business Transformation in the
Operating Telecommunications Companies in Jordan


Abeer Sufian and Mohammed Otair, Amman Arb University, Jordan


The study aims at measuring the effects of information technology on the transformation of businesses in communication companies in Jordan. The study population consisted of companies' directors as well as their deputies, assistants, advisors, in addition to department managers and their assistants. The total number of the study subjects is 3 designated communication companies in Jordan; these are: Zain, Umniah, and Orange. To achieve the aim of the study, the researcher had prepared a questionnaire which comprises of 45 items covering the three factors of the independent variable (Information Technology): infrastructure, developmental environment, and executive support systems and applications, as well as the three factors of the dependent variable (Transformation of Businesses): operations, organization change, and workers' competence. In order to test the hypotheses, the following three criteria were adequately used: The Medians, the Standard Deviations, as well as the Regression Analysis. The study has reached a number of results; the most notable amongst these results is that there is a positive effect that is statistically significant of information technology on the elements of business transformation in Jordanian communication companies and all of their relating elements.

The last decade of the twentieth century and the turn of twenty-first century witnessed significant progress in technology in general and information technology and communication in particular. Such progress still continues until today, accelerating with wide quick strides more than ever. This age has produced many mechanisms for manufacturing knowledge and more advanced technological means that have made the globe as a small village. Communication technology, which is represented by the internet, has played a huge rule in transferring information and technological revolution from the north to the south passing by the east and the west at the same time. All of that have had an impact on all political, economic, educational, teaching, social, media, and advertisement systems in all communities.

The term technology is derived from Greek. It consists of two parts, techno, which means skills or art, and logy, which means science or study. Thus, the word technology means the science of performance, science of implementation, or the technical methods to achieve a practical purpose, the science of industrial operation.