Volume 13, Number 2

Multi-Agent based Capital Market Management System: A Distributed Framework
for Trading and Regulation


Muhammed Kabir Ahmed1, Aliyuda Ali1, Ali Ahmad Aminu1 and Hassan Ibrahim2, 1Gombe State University, Nigeria, 2Gombe State Polytechnic, Nigeria


Stock Market plays a vital role in the economy of every nation. Having a transparent market may boost the confidence of not only stock brokers but also that of investors. One of the major problems that make investors to shy away from the market is lack of transparency. Another Problem which affect the market regulators is the lack of a system that enable them to check for compliance easily. In this work, an agent based distributed framework is presented. The idea behind the proposed system is that having one system that will serve all the market stake holders will guaranty strict compliance to the market rules, easier to manage and difficult manipulate by the market operators. The implementation of the proposed system followed Multi-Agent Software Engineering (MaSE) Methodology. The evaluation of the system show that, the distributed system developed using Java Agent Development Framework (JADE) is capable of addressing problems of reliability, compliance and transparency.


Stock Market, Multi-Agent, Distributed System.