Volume 15, Number 2

Designing a Framework for Enhancing the Online Knowledge-Sharing Behavior of Academic Staff


Gebremedhin Gebreyohans1, David T. Croasdell2 and Million Meshesha1, 1Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 2University of Nevada, Reno


The main objective of this paper is to identify the factors that influence academic staff's digital knowledgesharing behaviors in Ethiopian higher education. A structural equation model was used to validate the research framework using survey data from 210 respondents. The collected data has been analyzed using Smart PLS software. The results of the study show that trust, self-motivation, and altruism are positively related to attitude. Contrary to our expectations, knowledge technology negatively affects attitude. However, reward systems and empowerment by leaders are significantly associated with knowledgesharing intentions.Knowledge-sharing intention, in turn, was significantly related to digital knowledgesharing behavior. The contributions of this study are twofold. The framework may serve as a roadmap for future researchers and managers considering their strategy to enhance digital knowledge sharing in HEI. The findings will benefit academic staff and university administrations.The study will also help academic staff enhance their knowledge-sharing practices.


Higher education institution, digital knowledge-sharing behavior, theory of reasoned action, institutional web technologies.