Volume 9, Number 1

Finding out Noisy Patterns for Relation Extraction of Bangla Sentences


Rukaiya Habib and Md. Musfique Anwar, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh


Relation extraction is one of the most important parts of natural language processing. It is the process of extracting relationships from a text. Extracted relationships actually occur between two or more entities of a certain type and these relations may have different patterns. The goal of the paper is to find out the noisy patterns for relation extraction of Bangla sentences. For the research work, seed tuples were needed containing two entities and the relation between them. We can get seed tuples from Freebase. Freebase is a large collaborative knowledge base and database of general, structured information for public use. But for Bangla language, there is no available Freebase. So we made Bangla Freebase which was the real challenge and it can be used for any other NLP based works. Then we tried to find out the noisy patterns for relation extraction by measuring conflict score.


Natural Language Processing, Relation Extraction, Bangla, Conflict Score, Noisy Pattern