Volume 9, Number 1

Predicting Election Outcome from Social Media Data


Badhan Chandra Das and Md Musfique Anwar, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh


In this era of technology, enormous Online Social Networking Sites (OSNs) have arisen as a medium of expressing any opinions, thoughts towards anything even support their status against any social or political matter at the same time. Nowadays, people connected to those networks are more likely to prefer to employ themselves utilizing these online platforms to exhibit their standings upon any political organizations participating in the election throughout the whole election period. The aim of this paper is to predict the outcome of the election by engaging the tweets posted on Twitter pertaining to the Australian federal election-2019 held on May 18, 2019. We aggregated two efficacious techniques in order to extract the information from the tweet data to count a virtual vote for each corresponding political group. The original results of the election closely match the findings of our investigation, published by the Australian Electoral Commission.


Election Prediction, Social Network Analysis, Twitter, Regular Expression