Volume 9, Number 5

XAI Language Tutor - A XAI-based Language Learning Chatbot using Ontology
and Transfer Learning Techniques


Nuobei SHI, Qin Zeng and Raymond Lee, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, China


In this paper, we proposed a XAI-based Language Learning Chatbot (namely XAI Language Tutor) by using ontology and transfer learning techniques. To facilitate three levels of language learning, XAI Language Tutor consists of three levels for systematically English learning, which includes: 1) phonetics level for speech recognition and pronunciation correction; 2) semantic level for specific domain conversation, and 3) simulation of “free-style conversation” in English - the highest level of language chatbot communication as “free-style conversation agent”. In terms of academic contribution, we implement the ontology graph to explain the performance of free-style conversation, following the concept of XAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence) to visualize the connections of neural network in bionics, and explain the output sentence from language model. From implementation perspective, our XAI Language Tutor agent integrated the mini-program in WeChat as front-end, and fine-tuned GPT-2 model of transfer learning as back-end to interpret the responses by ontology graph.
All of our source codes have uploaded to GitHub: https://github.com/p930203110/EnglishLanguageRobot.


NLP-based Chatbot, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), Ontology graph, GPT-2, Transfer Learning.