Volume 11, Number 1

A Multi-Layer Arabic Text Steganographic Method Based on Letter Shaping


A.F. Al Azzawi, Philadelphia University, Jordan


Text documents are widely used, however, the text steganography is more difficult than other media because of a little redundant information. This paper presents a text steganography methodology appropriate for Arabic Unicode texts that do not use a normal sequential inserting process to overcome the security issues of the current approaches that are sensitive to steg-analysis. The Arabic Unicode text is kept within main unshaped letters, and the proposed method is used text file as cover text to hide a bit in each letter by reshaping the letters according to its position (beginning, middle, end of the word, or standalone), this hiding process is accomplished through multi-embedding layer where each layer contains all words with the same Tag detected using the POS tagger, and the embedding layers are selected randomly using the stego key to improve the security issues. The experimental result shows that the purposed method satisfied the hiding capacity requirements, improve security, and imperceptibility is better than currently developed approaches.


Arabic text, multi-layers, Unicode, hiding information, text steganography