Volume 11, Number 1

A Survey on Optimization Based Spectrum Sensing Techniques to Reduce ISI and PAPR In OFDM
Based Cognitive Radio System


1B.Maheswara Rao, 2S.Baskar, 1Research scholar and 2Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R& D Institute of Science and Technology


Cognitive radio is emerging technologies in OFDM based wireless systems which are very important for spectrum sensing. By using cognitive radio (CR) high data can be transferred with low bit error rate. The key idea of OFDM is to split the total transmission bandwidth into the subcarriers which further reduce the intersymbol interference (ISI) and peak to average power ratio(PAPR) in the signal. There are many optimization based spectrum sensing techniques are existing for efficient sensing purpose but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. This leads to start the comprehensive study for reducing PAPR and ISI(Intersymbol interference) in terms of FPGA based partial configuration. In the first part of review OFDM characteristics of the signal has compared with several optimizations based ISI reduction techniques. The second part is to compare the various spectrum sensing techniques in cognitive radio engine and its application in FPGA.


Cognitive radio, Inter symbol interference (ISI), Spectrum sensing, OFDM