Volume 11, Number 2

Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in MANET Under Malicious Attacks


Gorine1 and Rabia Saleh, 1Gloucestershire University, England


MANETs routing protocols are vulnerable to various types of security attacks such as selfish nodes, grey hole and black-hole attacks. These routing protocols are unprotected and subsequently result in various kinds of malicious mobile nodes being injected into the networks. In this paper, three types of attacks such as selfish, gray-hole and black-hole attacks have been applied to two important MANET routing protocols; Ad-hoc on demand Distance Vector (OADV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) in order to analyze and compare the impact of these attacks on the network performance based on throughput, average delay, packet loss and consumption of energy.


Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, DSR, AODV, Routing Protocols, Wireless Network Security, Malicious Node, Network Performance