Volume 11, Number 2

Dual Security Using Image Steganography Based Matrix Partition


Huda H.Al.Ghuraify, Ali A.Al-Bakry, Ahmad T. Al-Jayashi, al-furat al-awsat university, Iraq


Recently, the mode of living became more complicated without computer systems. The techniques of camouflage information have acquired a vital role with the requirement of intensifying trade of multimedia content. Steganography is the technique that utilizes disguise in a way that prohibits unauthorized access from suspicion of the existence of confidential information exchanged during communication channels between the connected parties. In this paper, an integrated image steganographic system is designed to conceal images, messages or together where the mainly deliberate the improvement of embedding capacity through embedding text with image simultaneously. For that purpose, used matrix partition to partition the secret image then embedded each partition separately after scrambling each pixel by replacing msb instead of lsb to provide the second level of security furthermore to steganography. The simulation results clarify the better performance of the proposed algorithms.


Image steganography, Spatial domain , Matrix partition, Least Significant Bit