Volume 11, Number 2

A Review of Selected Proposals for Improving Identity Privacy in UMTS


Hiten Choudhury, Cotton University, India


Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) is a popular 3G standard for mobile telecommunication networks. ‘Vulnerability of the subscriber’s identity privacy and the need to eliminate this vulnerability’, is an established security issue in UMTS. This vulnerability continues to exist up to various extents in the descendent networks of UMTS, like LTE. Several solutions suggesting improvements to the identity privacy in UMTS is present in the literature. In this paper, we look into select few of these solutions, with the expectation that researcher envisioning to work in this area will get a direction in devising an efficient mechanism in improving identity privacy in UMTS, its descendants and future mobile networks.


Identity; Privacy; Authentication; Anonymity; IMSI; UMTS; LTE; Interworking