Volume 11, Number 3

Xdoser, A Benchmarking Tool for System Load Measurement Using Denial of Service Features


AKM Bahalul Haque, Rabeya Sultana, Mohammad Sajid Fahad , MD Nasif Latif and Md. Amdadul Bari, North South University, Bangladesh


Technology has developed so fast that we feel both safe as well as unsafe in both ways. Systems used today are always prone to attack by malicious users. In most cases, services are hindered because these systems cannot handle the amount of over loads the attacker provides. So, proper service load measurement is necessary. The tool that is being described in this paper for developments is based on the Denial of Service methodologies. This tool, XDoser will put a synthetic load on the servers for testing purpose. The HTTP Flood method is used which includes an HTTP POST method as it forces the website to gather the maximum resources possible in response to every single request. The tool developed in this paper will focus on overloading the backend with multiple requests. So, the tool can be implemented for servers new or old for synthetic test endurance testing.


Denial-of-service, attack, unavailability, security, httprequests, OkHttpClient