Volume 11, Number 4

System Call Dependence Graph Based Behavior Decomposition of Android Applications


Bin Zhao, JD.com Silicon Valley R&D Center, USA


Millions of developers and third-party organizations have flooded into the Android ecosystem due to Android’s open-source feature and low barriers to entry for developers. .However, that also attracts many attackers. Over 90 percent of mobile malware is found targeted on Android. Though Android provides multiple security features and layers to protect user data and system resources, there are still some overprivileged applications in Google Play Store or third-party Android app stores at wild. In this paper, we proposed an approach to map system level behavior and Android APIs, based on the observation that system level behaviors cannot be avoidedbut sensitive Android APIs could be evaded.To the best of our knowledge, our approach provides the first work to decompose Android application behaviors based on system-level behaviors. We then map system level behaviors and Android APIs through System Call Dependence Graphs. The study also shows that our approach can effectively identify potential permission abusing, with an almost negligible performance impact.


Behavior Representation, System Call Dependence Graph, Privilege Escalation, AndroidAPIs