Volume 11, Number 5

EUNICERT: Ethereum Based Digital Certificate Verification System


Trong Thua Huynh1, Dang-Khoa Pham2, 1Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam and 2FPT Telecom, Vietnam


The fake certificate is a special global problem in today's digital age. Thousands of universities and educational institutions around the world do not exist but can release hundreds of millions of fake degrees. Verifying the integrity of qualifications is a real challenge for today's employers. Applying the anti-data modifying properties of blockchain technology, this study proposes a solution issuing and verifying digital certificates called EUniCert to solve this problem. By changing the design and integrating new consensus algorithm used in Ethereum platform into the Unicoin network that was used to verify and store the information related to the issued digital certificate, the EUniCert improves the latency to validate transactions as well as the number of verified blocks in the blockchain network compared to the previous solution that we have proposed. We implement a simple blockchain system to illustrate the management operation of the digital certificates on the ethereum platform. Besides, we conduct a simulation to evaluate the performance of our proposal compared with the previous system. The result is that the average latency decreases by 3.27 times as well as the number of verified blocks increases by 11% compared with the previous system.


A Digital certificate, blockchain, ethereum, verification, counterfeit.