Volume 12, Number 4

A Proposed Model for Dimensionality Reduction to Improve the Classification Capability
of Intrusion Protection Systems


Hajar Elkassabi, Mohammed Ashour and Fayez Zaki, Mansoura University, Egypt


Over the past few years, intrusion protection systems have drawn a mature research area in the field of computer networks. The problem of excessive features has a significant impact on intrusion detection performance. The use of machine learning algorithms in many previous researches has been used to identify network traffic, harmful or normal. Therefore, to obtain the accuracy, we must reduce the dimensionality of the data used. A new model design based on a combination of feature selection and machine learning algorithms is proposed in this paper. This model depends on selected genes from every feature to increase the accuracy of intrusion detection systems. We selected from features content only ones which impact in attack detection. The performance has been evaluated based on a comparison of several known algorithms. The NSL-KDD dataset is used for examining classification. The proposed model outperformed the other learning approaches with accuracy 98.8 %.


NSL-KDD, Machine Learning, Intrusion Detection Systems, Classification, Feature Selection.