Volume 12, Number 4

Effective Method for Managing Automation and Monitoring in Multi-cloud Computing: Panacea
for Multi-cloud Security Snags


Uchechukwu Emejeamara1, Udochukwu Nwoduh2 and Andrew Madu2, 1IEEE Computer Society, Connecticut Section, USA, 2Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Nigeria


Multi-cloud is an advanced version of cloud computing that allows its users to utilize different cloud systems from several Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) remotely. Although it is a very efficient computing facility, threat detection, data protection, and vendor lock-in are the major security drawbacks of this infrastructure. These factors act as a catalyst in promoting serious cyber-crimes of the virtual world. Privacy and safety issues of a multi-cloud environment have been overviewed in this research paper. The objective of this research is to analyze some logical automation and monitoring provisions, such as monitoring Cyber-physical Systems (CPS), home automation, automation in Big Data Infrastructure (BDI), Disaster Recovery (DR), and secret protection. The Results of this research investigation indicate that it is possible to avoid security snags of a multi-cloud interface by adopting these scientific solutions methodically.


Multi-Cloud, CSP, Vendor Lock-in, Cyber-crime & BDI.