Volume 12, Number 6

The Brazilian Law on Personal Data Protection


Jonatas S. de Souza1, 2, Jair M. Abe1, Luiz A. de Lima1, 2 and Nilson A. de Souza2, 3, 1Paulista University, São Paulo, Brazil, 2National Association of Data Privacy Professionals, ANPPD, Brazil, 3São Paulo State Supplementary Pension Foundation, PREVCOM, Brazil


Rapid technological change and globalization have created new challenges when it comes to the protection and processing of personal data. In 2018, Brazil presented a new law that has the proposal to inform how personal data should be collected and treated, to guarantee the security and integrity of the data holder. The General Law Data Protection - LGPD, was sanctioned on September 18th, 2020. Now, the citizen is the owner of his personal data, which means that he has rights over this information and can demand transparency from companies regarding its collection, storage, and use. This is a major change and, therefore, extremely important that everyone understands their role within LGPD. The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the principles of the General Law on Personal Data Protection, informing real cases of leakage of personal data and thus obtaining an understanding of the importance of gains that meet the interests of Internet users on the subject and its benefits to the entire Brazilian society.


Data, Law General, Personal, Protection, Regulation, Legal.