Volume 13, Number 1

Designing a Cyber-security Culture Assessment Survey Targeting Critical Infrastructures During Covid-19 Crisis


Anna Georgiadou, Spiros Mouzakitis and Dimitris Askounis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece


The paper at hand presents the design of a survey aiming at the cyber-security culture assessment of critical infrastructures during the COVID-19 crisis, when living reality was heavily disturbed and working conditions fundamentally affected. The survey is rooted in a security culture framework layered into two levels, organizational and individual, further analyzed into 10 different security dimensions consisted of 52 domains. An in-depth questionnaire building analysis is presented focusing on the aims, goals, and expected results. It concludes with the survey implementation approach while underlining the framework’s first application and its revealing insights during a global crisis.


Cybersecurity Culture, Assessment Survey, COVID-19 Pandemic, Critical Infrastructures.