Volume 13, Number 4

Constructing the 2-Element AGDS Protocol based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem


Tuan Nguyen Kim1, Duy Ho Ngoc2 and Nikolay A. Moldovyan3, 1Duy Tan University, Vietnam, 2Ha Noi, Vietnam, 3St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


It is considered a group signature scheme in frame of which different sets of signers sign electronic documents with hidden signatures and the head of the signing group generates a group signature of fixed size. A new mechanism for imbedding the information about signers into a group signature is proposed. The method provides possibilities for reducing the signature size and to construct collective signature protocols for signing groups. New group signature and collective signature protocols based on the computational difficulty of discrete logarithm are proposed.


Groupdigital signature, Collective digital signature, difficult computational problems, Signing group.