Volume 13, Number 4

Collective Signature Protocols for Signing Groups based on Problem of Finding
Roots Modulo Large Prime Number


Tuan Nguyen Kim1, Duy Ho Ngoc2 and Nikolay A. Moldovyan3, 1Duy Tan University, Vietnam, 2Ha Noi, Vietnam, 3St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


Generally, digital signature algorithms are based on a single difficult computational problem like prime factorization problem, discrete logarithm problem, elliptic curve problem. There are also many other algorithms which are based on the hybrid combination of prime factorization problem and discrete logarithm problem. Both are true for different types of digital signatures like single digital signature, group digital signature, collective digital signature etc. In this paper we propose collective signature protocols for signing groups based on difficulty of problem of finding roots modulo large prime number. The proposed collective signatures protocols have significant merits one of which is connected with possibility of their practical using on the base of the existing public key infrastructures.


Collective digital signature, group digital signature, signing group, finding roots modulo.