Volume 13, Number 6

Improve Security in Smart Cities Based on IoT, Solve Cyber Electronic Attacks with Technology
by using Packet Tracer


Raed Al-hamarneh, University of Almaarefa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Smart cities are expected to significantly improve people's quality of life, promote sustainable development, and enhance the efficiency of operations. With the implementation of many smart devices, c problems have become a serious challenge that needs strong treatments, especially the cyber-attack, which most countries suffer from it.

My study focuses on the security of smart city systems, which include equipment like air conditioning, alarm systems, lighting, and doors. Some of the difficulties that arise daily may be found in the garage. This research aims to come up with a simulation of smart devices that can be and reduce cyber attach. Use of Cisco Packet tracer Features Simulated smart home and c devices are monitored. Simulation results show that smart objects can be connected to the home portal and objects can be successfullymonitored which leads to the idea of real-life implementation and see. In my research make manysolutions for attachingissues,which was great, and apply some wirelessprotocol.


Smart cities, smart devices, security issue, cyber-attack, Cisco Packet tracer, Cisco Packet tracer.